I love to travel.  The experience of other cultures is something that can only be done first hand.

It was my love of these experiences that made The Guardian’s Chronicles such a diverse story.

It has always fascinated me how on one side of the world people can be going through horrendous hardship while we in the west worry about getting to the office on time.  I am not trying to say that life is perfect in the west, far from it but there is a huge divide, one that should not exist in the 21st Century.

In this series I have written about the experiences of people in the third world in such a way that I hope people can relate and judge for themselves whether or not there is merit in the way I have structured the characters.

Either way, love the books or hate them I would like to hope that you find the subject matter stimulating enough to have an opinion.  Whatever it is we would love to hear it.




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