VOLUME I – A New Dawn

It all begins in a small village in Clayton, where a seemingly ordinary girl must leave everything behind and set off on a journey that leads her to understand that we are not alone in this world.

Her name is Sahara, and her only friend is a voice from within, leading her towards the unknown. First to Paris to change her identity, while danger lurks in every shadow and then to a remote destination in England to prepare for what is to come.

Events are spiraling out of control, and the most popular headline in history reads, “Is the President of the United States in league with the Devil.” In this turbulent world where the global economy has been devastated by political policy contrived by forces hell bent on throwing mankind back into the dark ages Sahara must dig deep within herself and master the powers that have been bestowed on her to free her benefactor Romero; a Guardian who has been taken captive by the evil Barak.

Now Sahara must prepare herself, to use her new found powers, and do what must be done before the world is thrown back into the dark ages.

As one man feels he cannot go on, another seeks redemption. And just when you think the nightmare has ended, you realise it has only just begun.

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Rebecca Lovatt   star star star star star

A New Dawn is a fantastic read; with captivating narrative, great descriptions, and characters you come to think of as read. The story is face-paced, and gripping; with hardly any dull moments. Ann Barlow has proven herself to be a fantastic author, and I’m looking forward to the second book of the Guardian Chronicles; as well as all her future writings.
Review by: Jaqueline Sartori on Aug. 29, 2011 :  star star star star star

Ann Barlow was very fortunate with her book. I think the Sahara’s saga and the Guardians is amazing! The narrative shows us how love and purity of heart must be among all of mankind. I know it’s just the first volume, but I’m already thinking on how Sahara will handle with the evil in the next books!

 Review by: Trevor Waite on Aug. 26, 2011 :  star star star star

Once I started this book I couldn’t put it down. Sahara really captivated me from the beginning. first the probs with nasty Nigel and then how she handled herself when everything around her was going crazy.
Loved the climax it was very imaginative and the end, I love gore.
I found the pace of the book was excellent and there was never a dull moment except perhaps the grannie but other than that some really good characters. got a bit confused as to where Amara came from but am told this will unfold in volume 2.
Rita West  star star star star star

I want to be Sahara Driver! Not only is she gorgeous but she gets to kick some serious ass. Although I felt it was obvious that Nigel would soon be history I still loved it when she got her own back on him. My fave part was when she was building up her powers, it was very gripping.

 Review by: Harry on Aug. 06, 2011 :  star star star star

I found the book to be well written with a fantastic pacing. There is violence in there, but not so over the top as to be distracting. I was barely able to put this book down for a second after the first few pages got me completely hooked. The narrative here has an immediacy to it that, when combined with the very dramatic plot and characters you feel you know personally, is incredibly compelling. It’s entertaining, and in places disturbing. It doesn’t hold any punches. The main character is a young girl and the actual violence would probably count as PG-13 nowadays. All in all, I highly recommend this book. I imagine I will be pre-ordering as soon as the 2nd volume is available.

 Review by: Jonathan Deans on Aug. 01, 2011 :  star star star star

A budding writer myself, the book encouraged my own imagination as it was a display of the author’s love for all things imaginative. It is clear to see from her new book ‘ The Guardians Chronicles A New Dawn’ that imagination is certainly not something lacking. I found myself engrossed from the very first page. I loved the characters (especially Barak) It’s an incredible story and I greatly anticipate the sequel.”

Volume II – A World Without Faith (Coming Soon)

In a world that is already suffering the worse global financial crisis since the Wall Street Crash in 1929, Barak is determined to bring further misery to the human race.

Barak makes an unprecedented appearance in London, and hints that there is something big afoot.

After a strike in Afghanistan that leaves hundreds of thousands fleeing their homes and seeking refuge Romero warns Sahara that this move is a smoke screen and Barak is planning something far more sinister.

With the world still in turmoil Barak finally makes his move robbing mankind of his faith leaving the human race lost and angry.

When Sahara and Romero try to rectify the situation their attempts result in a catastrophic event that all but wipes out an entire race, but not content with that Barak doles out his final act of revenge on Go’el, that leaves Sahara devastated.

Now Sahara is out to destroy Barak at all cost.


Trevor Waitestar star star star starstar

I couldn’t put it down. It’s rare that I enjoy the 2nd in a series as much as the first but in this case I thought that A World without Faith was more compelling than A New Dawn. The subject matter was extremely well handled especially for such an emotive issue and as with the first book the pace was excellent and the characters lived up to my expectations. And the finale; well all I have to say on the subject is roll on Resurrection!
Volume III – Resurrection – (Coming Soon)

Unable to accept Romero’s advice to put the past behind her Sahara continues to seek vengeance on Barak.

Go’el is determined to fulfill his destiny as pertained by ancient scrolls held by a Tibetan monk and uses Sahara in an elaborate plan to get the other Guardian’s approval to obtain his goal and to fulfill his own need for revenge against his father, and his burning desire to be reunited with his mother, Cassandra.

As Barak continues to wreak havoc in an already desperate world by reversing the the magnetic field causing further mayhem and destruction, and bringing industry to a grinding halt Sahara and Go’el work together to bring about his downfall.

Colin takes a trip to London and inadvertently comes across Go’el in a very unusual place that arouses his suspicions and ends up in Thailand having lost his memory.

Sahara embarks on a romance that gives her some solace but still she cannot rest and takes extreme measures to achieve her ambition to rid the world of Barak, a ploy that has unforseen consequences as Go’el’s hidden agenda is revealed.

But not content with that,  Go’el goes ahead with his plan to resurrect his dead mother Cassandra, an act that leaves the young Guardian emptier than before.


Of the many elements that enrich the authors writing style, and render it one of the most gripping I have had the pleasure to read, a particular rarity stands out, the ever present sense of etiquette, existent, even amidst an epic tale of turmoil.The protagonist along with the other members of good, maintain their decorum, performing as they are expected to throughout. Their behaviour at times struck me with utmost admiration.The unexpected twists of the plot, intriguing and deep characters, the authors’ fearlessly realistic description of – what are sometimes – shocking events, along with the endearing battle between respectability and evil, make the third instalment of this book series, The Guardians Chronicles, one of the most interesting reads I have experienced.
 Review by Jonathan Deans starstarstarstarstar


Volume IV – The Sacrifice – (Coming Soon)

All is not what it seems as Sahara is about to discover when she tries to find out why Go’el is blocking her communication with Amara.

Go’el’s new found power has changed the young Guardian, but not in the way that was foreseen in the ancient scrolls. Romero and Wu Xiong are first to be alerted to the new danger and come together in a bid to discover the true meaning of the scrolls that depicted Go’el as becoming the most powerful being in the Universe. Wu Xiong brings in the assistance of an Iranian ancient language expert to assist and is dismayed to find that the parchment was one of a pair.

While Amara tries to settle in Oman, Go’el’s mother Cassandra plots with Klaus to open the casks and release Barak. While unbeknown to Go’el, Barak is in the background trying desperately to take hold of the power his son now possesses. Things take a turn for the worst as Go’el fights to keep his identity as the power within him starts to drown him.

Meanwhile Barak continues to cause mayhem, this time in Romero’s back yard. He orchestrates a string of terrorists to blow up three prime targets in London that leaves half the city destroyed while Sahara tries desperately to interpret the second scroll and find a way to save Go’el.

Things get so desperate that Romero finds he must once again ask Phenomie to intervene, knowing the sacrifice that he will have to be made if she does agree to step in and stop Barak becoming the most powerful being in the Universe.