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With today’s electronic gadgets controlling our young folks, the most reading they do during the summer are text messages. You know, real quality stuff. What would you say if a teenager came up to you and said, “I’d like to read a book”? Probably faint. But that’s what’s happening in at least one part of our country, but there are no books for this person to read. There is no library. The closest thing is a bookmobile with very few choices. The area I’m talking about is central South Dakota.


I’ve published a few books suitable for middle grade kids, and I’ll bet you have, too, or know someone who has. However, it’s not limited to just young adults. There are kids from 1st grade and up who would dearly love to have something to read this summer. For my part, I’m putting together a box of books.

Now I put it to you. How about you send one or two of your books? If a bunch of us do that, the bookmobile will be full and these kids will have something to read. It gets pretty lonely on the South Dakota prairie and this small gesture can only help relieve unfathomable boredom.

Send your books to:

Fr. Stepehn Huffstetter, SCJ
St. Joseph’s Indian School
Chamberlain, SD.   57326

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