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New Cover for A New Dawn

Hi everyone,

I’m pleased to announce that The Guardians Chronicles series is now being published by California Times Publishing and you will be able to get a copy of the re-edited Kindle version of A New Dawn on Amazon. The paperback and Audio CD will be coming out soon.

I’d love to have your opinion on the new cover.


A New Dawn cover California Publishing

Run, River Currents – A Debut Novel by Ginger Marcinkowski

A Debut Novel by Ginger Marcinkowski

Ginger Marcinkowski was raised between the two tiny towns of Fort Fairfield, Maine and Plaster Rock, New Brunswick, Canada, a setting that deeply influenced the writing of her first novel.

She graduated from William Penn University with a degree in Business Management, a career she never aspired to.

Ginger’s true desire to write returned when she enrolled in a graduate writing course at Wilkes University of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania earning her Masters of Fine Art in 2011. She interned with Etruscan Press, and was a reader for the James Jones First Novel Fellowship. She had previously studied at Algonkian writers’ conferences and has attended the New York Pitch Conference. She wrote and published short stories in small literary journals for which she garnered several honorary mentions.

Ginger’s first book, with a release date of August 3rd, 2012, Run River Currents reveals Ginger’s lyical voice as she utilizes her own vivid memories of her life along a powerful river whose waters both gave and took life.

Run, River Currents

As the last of the mourners departed the ornate Catholic Church, Emily entered a side door unnoticed, walked to the coffin, and punched her dead father in the face. “You’ll never be dead enough,” she whispered. “Never.”

Determined to recover from the hands of a father who sexually abused her and an emotionally distant mother, twenty-seven-year-old Emily Evans seeks the peace she’d lost in her youth. Yet, shattered by the betrayal of those she was taught to respect and love, she fears that she may never overcome the devastating effects of generations of abuse. Will she ever let herself truly open up to the power of unconditional love?

Set in the rich backwoods of New Brunswick, Canada, Run, River Currents is inspired by a true story of abuse, pain, and the struggle to find healing and forgiveness.






Faith Mortimer publishes ‘The Surgeon’s Blade’

Diana Rivers and “The Surgeon’s Blade”

Mystery-suspense-thriller writer, Faith Mortimer is delighted to add book three to her best-selling Diana Rivers mystery thriller series. This latest novel, “The Surgeon’s Blade” is more chilling, tense and is described as a ‘real corker of a read’.

When nursing sister, Libby Hunter wakes up in hospital following a traumatic sailing accident she discovers two deeply disturbing things. One – she has lost her memory and two – the stranger, (Nigel) whom she finds sitting by her bedside when she awakes claims to be her fiancé.

During her hospital stay, Libby regains most of her memory, except the bizarre thing is she cannot remember ever being engaged to surgeon, Nigel. Against her will Nigel persuades Libby into agreeing to move in with him. Working on instinct she finds excuses to put him off until she is completely sure of her true feelings.

During a series of attacks on nurses in London and Southampton, Libby finds herself in great danger when her home is broken into one night. Who is the  intruder and does he plan on harming her?And is this connected in any way to the recent attacks on nursing staff.Will Libbybe the attacker’s latest targeted victim?

Distressed Libby turns to pilot, Robert for help and understanding, but is he as respectable and kind as he appears to be? Is her fiancé, Nigel trustworthy, especially when his ex-wife, Stella enters the scene and Libby suspects them of rekindling their relationship?

The night time intrusion to Libby’s house sets in motion a downwards spiral of cataclysmic and terrifying events, culminating in our favourite sleuth, Diana Rivers stepping in to help solve the case in this chilling mystery thriller.

For a glimpse of early reviews please go to: Amazon Customer 5 Star Reviews

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Watch out for ELEVEN by Carolyn Arnold

November 11th marks the official release date of my FBI thriller novel ELEVEN. To help kick start it, numerous bloggers have agreed to host me on their sites.

If you’re looking to learn more about me and my novels please join me.

Thank you and I hope to see you around the net 🙂

Book Blurb:
by Carolyn Arnold

Eleven Rooms. Ten Bodies. One Empty Grave.

Brandon Fisher never expected this when he signed up as a Special Agent for the FBI. Working in the shadow of Supervisory Special Agent Jack Harper of the Behavioral Analysis Unit his career seemed set. But when the team is called to a small rural town where the remains of ten victims are found in an underground bunker, buried in an unusual way, Brandon knows he’ll never return to his normal life.

With one empty grave, and the case touching close to home, he fears he’s become the target of a psychotic serial killer who wants to make him number eleven. Only thing is, everything Brandon thinks he knows is far from the truth.